Face oil : The lowdown

Oils have always been a favourite when it comes to moisturising scaly legs and nourishing dry hair. But now it's time for your face to reap the benefits of these soothing and nourishing properties too.

Why Choose An Oil ?

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Whether it's a base oil extracted from nuts and vegetables or a remedial essential oil distilled from flowers, oils have been popular in skincare for a long time. But the latest generation of face oils bears no comparison to products previously available : their texture is finer and lighter, making them quick and easy to apply and ; most importantly ; you don't need to wait for them to absorb before applying your make-up.  The skin benefits of using oils are varied and impressive. They can do everything from reducing wrinkles to nourishing, soothing and regenerating ; and they offer a brilliant base for facial massage. Plant and nut oils are full of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids, which are potent anti-inflammatory agents, meaning your skin will be plumped, calmed and hydrated.  Most extraordinarily, they work on all skin types. Yep, even if you have greasy skin, there is a place for one in your routine. The theory of like treating like comes into play here ; an oil applied to oily skin can help to reduce the overproduction of oil, thus balancing skin. Oils also do a brilliant job of repairing damaged skin, which is great for helping to heal any acne scars or blemishes. 
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How To Apply Your Oil :

Unlike creams and serums, oils do not contain water and they therefore work better if applied to slightly damp skin, as doing so will help them to lock in water, forming a barrier that will also prvent any water escaping later throughout the day. How often ; and when; to apply depends on your skin type.

Here's a rough guide :  
- Mature/very dry skin : apply in the morning and/or evening after your toner and before using any other treatment such as a serum or moisturiser.  
- Normal Skin : can be treated with face oil alone, without adding any other moisturizing products (bar SPF).  
- Sensitive skin : try applying daily for two to three weeks to help the epidermis regenerate and repair itself, and then continue to use every other day as a booster.   

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